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Project Description
WPF Syntax Highlight Textbox is very simple control for editing source code. Contains line numbering, world highlighting, indenting (tab, shift+tab....) and more. Test application contains parser for language IronPython and Boo. Syntax Highlight Textbox is developed in C#.

  • Simple syntax coloring by WPF Brush (not only color)
  • Background brush (not only color)
  • Custom cursor color
  • Highlighting list of words (useful for results of searching)
  • Line numbering
  • Custom tab size (tabs are converted into spaces)
  • Tab/shift+Tab indentation (also for selection)
  • Pressing Enter respects current line indentation
  • Based on CodeBox2 Project on CodeProject and DevHawk CodeBox (Faster than RichTextBox based solution)

Syntax highlighting
  • Testing application contains syntax highlighting for IronPython (via DLR) and Boo (modified official lexer of Boo language)

  • Simple intellisense ListBox with item icons (and example implementation for Boo language)
  • Line color highlighting with icon - for marking breakpoints, highlighting errors, ...



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